I’ve spent the weekend by the sea, which was lovely, and so this is a small reminder of the beautiful colours of the sea and the gorgeous handmade art and craft from the EST on Etsy.

Do have a look at Star of the East’s blog for more European talent!

Monday moodboard - 22 October 2012 - blue jewellery and clothing

1. happyment 2. LikeFreja
3. OliveAndVince 4. bodzastudio

8 thoughts on “Monday moodboard – 22 October 2012

  1. Freja Moon says:

    Something blue always make my day! And I am blessed if it is the sea. Thank you for reminding me for the beauty of the nature:)

  2. MarinaTea says:

    lovely blue tone!

  3. tenderblue says:

    Beautiful! I love blues!!

  4. Misluo says:

    Beautiful finds! love the blue!

  5. I miss the sea! Great finds :)

  6. Tessa says:

    Lovely things.

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