Today in the US is a day known as “Cyber Monday” – as I understand it, the weekend after Thanksgiving (and in particular the Friday, known as Black Friday) is a time of intense retail discounts, a bit like the Boxing Day sales in the UK. The Monday after that weekend has become known for online sales since the advent of the internet and online shopping.

(If I’ve got this wrong, by the way, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix as appropriate – it’s quite hard trying to understand completely foreign cultural trends through observing them from a distance!)

I’m not offering any discounts this year, but as someone keenly interested in the health and wellbeing of online shopping, I thought I might feature some of my European colleagues on Etsy who are!

Monday moodbard -  Cyber Monday - Etsy Europe

1. homelab 2. mychristmastree
3. superlittlecute 4. balanced

Don’t forget to check out Star of the East’s blog for more European talent!

7 thoughts on “Monday moodboard – 26 Nov 2012

  1. gudrun says:

    great moodboard – really beautiful – i love the hearts!

    have a great day.

  2. wonderfully color coordinated moodboard :-)

  3. tenderblue says:

    Beautiful colors!!

  4. misluo says:

    Beautiful Finds!
    Happy Cyber Monday!

  5. Aljona says:

    Very nice moodboard :) great of you to feature shops having special cyber monday offers even though you’re not participating yourself.

  6. Cecilia says:

    Amazing combination!!

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