Due to an upcoming house move and holiday postal deadlines, I’m closing for the holiday season early this year.

For made-to-order items, the deadline for ordering is Wednesday 27 November (tomorrow!) and for ready to ship items, the deadline for purchase is midday (GMT) on Friday 29 November.

Orders placed after this time will be cancelled and refunded, unless you indicate clearly that you don’t need your items until after Christmas – in which case, I’ll email you to discuss timelines!

Holiday closing times

Another treasury feature on Etsy – my stainless steel dragonscale micromaille bracelet has been included in this amazing dark treasury by XZOUIX – thank you Zoui!

‘follow the moonlight’ by xZOUix


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Change of Season 8×10 Fine A…

Vintage 90’s Sheer Black…

Assiette à tarte/ Tarte pla…

Willow Splendor – Throw Pill…

Brass Women Wrist Watch – V…

Stained Mason Jars, Pint Siz…

Wire Wrapped Moonstone Penda…

into the woods

Silver Pyrite Long Gypsy Nec…

Stainless steel dragonscale …

Bean Bag Boho Design Charcoa…

BOHO TIME-Handmade dark BROW…

Black Lace Maxi Dress

Hand Woven Rug in Blue


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My copper and sodalite bracelet has been included in this awesome Etsy treasury by lordsoftherings – thank you very much Joan!

‘Far-Flung Sodalite Bracelet Musings’ by joanalkin

Copper and blue sodalite bra…

Sodalite Bracelet – Double s…

Bracelet: BLUE and SILVER, B…

Gemstone bracelet amazonite,…

Sodalite Bracelet And Earrin…

Stone Sticks-Tumbled Stone B…

Vintage Bracelet…European …

Blue Tribal Bracelet, Sodali…

Blue Sodalite Beaded Bracele…

Blue Sodalite gemstone brace…

Sodalite bracelet

Psyche Sodalite Bracelet

Mens Beaded or Unisex Blue W…

Blue sodalite teardrop alpac…

Self expressions sodalite br…

Mens Beaded Bracelet Skull B…

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If you’re a regular visitor to this site (or at least someone who’s been here before) you’ll see that it all now looks quite different!

We have moved to a new host, with a new design and all around new shinyness! The new version of the site is easier to keep up to date and, I hope you’ll agree, looks even prettier than before.

I’m still finishing updates, so some links might be broken, and some of the sold listings still need images adding, so please bear with me. If you find anything that doesn’t work – particularly links that don’t go anywhere – please do drop me a quick email with the broken link to transfer@nicolehill.fr

This week’s new item is a highly-polished bronze chainmaille bracelet that uses 3 different sizes of square-wire rings, woven into a garter belt chainmaille pattern.

Bronze garter belt chainmaille bracelet - 1

This is a newly developed chainmaille weave – unlike the classic European weaves, it was never used for making armour – made specially for jewellers and it looks like it was developed by Dylon White. (If Dylon isn’t the weave originator, please do let me know in the comments and I’ll update as needed!)

Bronze garter belt chainmaille bracelet - 2

This flexible, densely-woven bracelet will soon be listed for sale on this site and in my Etsy shop!

Bronze garter belt chainmaille bracelet - 3

Today is a beautiful sunny day here on the Cote d’Azur, and now I’ve finished making the pieces to fill my two most recent orders, I shall head to the beach!

I wanted to share pictures, though – I think they’ve turned out nicely, and I hope their new owners love them!

Copper Byzantine chainmaille bracelet with copper clasp:

Copper Byzantine bracelet with copper clasp

Sterling silver and garnet earrings:

Sterling silver and garnet earrings

I don’t think I’ve shown a picture of what my finished wrapped items look like, so here’s one ready to go!

Package wrapped and ready to go

I also made a micromaille dragonscale bracelet in stainless steel. Made from tiny 20-gauge rings in two different sizes, it’ll be listed for sale shortly, if you’re interested in purchasing it:

Stainless steel dragonscale micromaille bracelet

OK, so, it’s been a while. (And WordPress tells me I’ve already used this as a post title in the past. Figures!)

How are you all?

It’s been a busy couple of months for me – I’ve moved house, to a totally different part of the country, and now live in what will hopefully soon be the sunny South of France. (Really, is it too much to ask that we get some sunshine in June? I didn’t think so, but…)

I’ll finally have time to focus full-time on my jewellery-making, as well as a new venture that I’m working on, doing web-design for artists and crafters – watch this space for details when it’s launched, but if you’re interested in being a guinea-pig and getting a free (first come, first serve – please note that free site designs are limited in number, and won’t include on-site e-commerce functions) website, please do get in touch directly and I’ll send you a design questionnaire.

Following on from last week’s post on making a custom sterling silver bracelet for someone who wanted to replace a bracelet she’d lost, I wanted to show you the finished item! I really liked this piece, and I’m so glad its new owner does, too!

Handmade from start to finish, from a single length of sterling silver wire, voilà one sterling silver Byzantine chainmaille bracelet:

If you’ve got a piece of jewellery in mind, whether it’s similar to something I already have in stock or something that you’ve been wanting for ages and can’t find anywhere, do get in touch to talk about a custom order of your own!

A very lovely lady recently got in touch to ask me whether I could make a bracelet that was a precise width, to replace one she had previously lost.

“Of course,” I said, and proceeded to work out the ID needed, so I could match both the width required for the final chain, and the AR necessary to keep the weave looking neat and tidy.

This turned out to be a combination that my usual suppliers don’t keep. So, I am cutting my own rings. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, but it is the first time I’ve used wire this thick, and it’s surprising hard to wind on the mandrel neatly.

Still, this bracelet looks fabulous, even when it’s only half-way through, and I very much like the idea that I’m turning a coil of silver wire into a 3D flexible bracelet and clasp, just with the help of a few simple tools. I shall share the finished pictures in due course. In the meantime, I thought it might be nice to share the work in progress photos…

Rings are 1.8mm sterling silver wire, with an internal diameter of 6mm.

First, we coil the wire onto the mandrel. Closer coils that this are better, but hard to achieve when working with thick wire that you’re coiling by hand.

Coiling the wire on the mandrel

Then, we saw. It’s very hard to hold a taped coil of silver, a handsaw, and a camera when you are only one person – so there are no photos of this bit.

Once we have sawn, we end up with a pile of silver jump rings. (Excuse the silver saw-dust.)

Sawn jump rings in a pile

These are then joined together to make the bracelet, as normal. Here’s the beginning of the chain!

My HP 4 in 1 bronze and stainless steel chainmaille bracelet was recently featured on Etsy’s front page, as part of this fabulous treasury by ZOUi!

Made from solid stainless steel and bronze square wire, this Half Persian chainmaille bracelet is perfect for guys who like jewellery. Thanks very much for including it, ZOUi!

‘just grab the bike and ride away…’ by xZOUix

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Black Leather Jacke…

Wood Toy- Large Woo…

Tiny Disc Earrings …

Black Leather Clutc…

Blush Flower Crown,…

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vintage 1945 atlas …

2013 Planner for gu…

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Bronze and stainles…

Lubitel – Vintage M…

Vintage Bronze Tria…

She felt small but …

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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